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Copy pasta from: Read this!

EDIT: Confused as hell about all this? Don't understand big scary business words and laws and shit? (Don't worry, me neither) READ THIS. It's the best way to explain EXACTLY what is going on right now if you don't understand business. If you sell certain types of art online this concerns YOU (nomatter where you live). Even if the art you sell through a marketplace is only worth $1 and it ends up being bought by someone in the EU.…


It -seriously- concerns me why very few people on DA are not freaking out about the new EU VAT law that is starting on Jan 1st. I'm an artist, not particularly biz minded but I do make my living from selling my art as a freelancer/sole trader of creative services and goods. Many of you here will do so too. Some of you sell prints through DA. Some of you sell PSD templates. Stock. Photography liscences. Brushes. Textures. Webcomics on your websites or through platforms. Website advertising. Craft patterns. Digital goods. (not that it matters because its rolling out to physical goods in 2017).

What is VATMOSS? Only the biggest scariest headache of your life if you plan on getting funding for your art online now. This isn't something that is 'maybe' happening. This is something THAT IS HAPPENING FROM 1st JANUARY.Please read about the noise on Twitter and find out how it will effect you directly as a buyer and seller.…

Also, this is a worldwide problem and completely broken for everyone involved except the hugest platforms like Amazon and iTunes. These VAT changes were brought in so they could be taxed fairly but instead its going to kill off all little solo creative guys like us and drive us to only sell through them. Can you afford to register for VAT in every EU country you sell to (can you even speak their language)? Can you deal with the legal paperwork and hire an accountant 4 times a year? Just for accidentally selling a single MP3 to someone from Italy who honestly didn't know about this? Did you know that blocking EU sales to your items may be against anti-discrimination laws? Did you know we may have to register as official data controllers or break the information protection act? Did you know that the government is saying that we shouldn't worry because our selling platforms like Etsy / Patreon /Folksy /Bandcamp etc are the ones who are supposed to sort this for us - BUT THEY ARE REFUSING (or just taking their time to communicate with their users on their stance). Bandcamp is now going to cause you massive legal probs if you sell your music to someone in the EU. Even if it's like only $1. The mess is in your hands as a small creative.

Don't want to scare anyone here but this is scary and will kill off  lots of our plans as artists - especially web comics and automated digital sales like MP3's and art websites selling stock/patterns/ etc.

Please get involved with educating yourself about VATMOSS / EUVAT / VATMESS because all of us are going to end up in trouble with the law or have to pay much higher prices from now on. This effects indi computer games too and phone apps. So much stuff the law is screwing and trying to sweep under the rug. Like we don't exist or don't matter.

Post all resources in here that you find to help eachother. This will effect DA's prints to the EU in 2017 if this isn't stopped. (Unless DA handle profit VAT reporting/data storage for users?)

It would really help if someone way more legal/detail savvy would write in depth about this on DA and make a sitewide news warning article about it URGENTLY because I don't want any poor artist ending up being deemed a criminal for not complying with a quiet law they knew nothing about :( (Sad)

Here is a GREAT FB support group for micro biz:…
Here's the petition that everyone should sign:…

One thing i'll mention is that if you do digital custom art commissions that you specifically do for one person and you email it to them manually (or just to be safe also mail a copy on CD) you will be safe from this (... i think?). This counts as 'human intervention' and non automated sales. (BUT PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR LEGAL ADVISOR/HMRC) (I am not offering legal advice here) Physical art is ok (for a year) but auto downloads are not. This also goes for things like if you make marketplace sales worldwide on places like IMVU or SecondLife. We are all waiting to hear their plans roll out to save our asses. Until then, please be safe, tell all your friends to research how EUVAT will effect them as a buyer and seller of online items. 2015 is going to be a very bad year for online creatives if nothing can be changed. We need a micro business min VAT threshold re-instated. EUVAT makes it 0% so it catches EVERYONE. It's bad. Get talking.


More on Tumblr!…
My pals :LaPetitLapearl: and :CharmingNightmare: are holding a contest for their webcomic Grims Charming. If you're a fan of their work, here's your chance to win a plushie, keychain or figurine (which are super cute!). If you haven't checked them out already, you ought to!

More info about the contest available here:…

Testing out livestream! Watch me sketch and listen to old 90's music. Yay! Feel free to drop by. I don't know what I'm doing.

Sketching out entries for the Plastic Curves Advent Calendar(…) event.

Follow this…!

I'm periodically taking breaks but this is happening for most of the day.
Use coupon code THANKSGIVING when you purchase anything at the No Nap Time shop between 11/21/2012 and 11/23/2012 10PM CST, get 30% OFF on anything at the shop!

Drop by at the No Nap Time Etsy Shop NAO!…
I've lowered the price on many custom MH dolls and already made amigurumi at my shop. Please be sure to grab em! -…

I'd like to make room for new inventory and being an independent and self-employed artist, your support helps me a lot!

Zombie Rei Ayanami will not turn you into orange goo.

P.S. If you have any requests or want to something more of at the shop, please use DA Muro.
Digital art commissions are open for November. Only 5 slots are available but I will accept more once I finish the first batch.

Please send me a note for inquiries and be sure to read the commission terms and conditions here:…

Names of those whose commissions I agreed to take on will be added to this list.

Should the slots fill up, you can ask to be put on the waiting list (…). I will contact you as soon as I am available and include you on the next immediate slots.

November 2012 Slots:
1. :iconchisohma: - Sketch (Half body, 2 characters)
2. :iconkabocha: - completed (11/4/2012)
The results are in! The lucky recipient of the Custom Matryoshka Operetta is...



Below is the Randomizer lot:

And here's the timestamp:

Thank you so much to everybody who participated!
I've been meaning to do this for a while since I've made a few milestones on various social communities. I'm running a giveaway to thank all my fans, followers and patrons for supporting me and my work!

The Prize:
Repainted Roller Maze Operetta

How to Enter:
The contest will run from September 10, 2012 to September 21, 2012. The Winner will be announced on September 24, 2012.
  • No Nap Time: Leave a comment on this blog post to enter. Please use your primary email address and name. Should you win the contest, I will use the email address to contact you so please make sure you enter your contact information correctly.
  • Tumblr: Follow me and reblog this post as many times as you'd like. Likes will not be counted. Please be mindful not to reblog "too much" and be considerate of your followers. You can reblog up to 5 times a day. Each reblog counts as a contest entry.
  • Facebook: Like the No Nap Time Facebook page and like this post.

I ask that you follow me since the winner will be announced through my blog. Keep your Ask boxes/ Private message/inbox available so that I am able to contact you.

I plan to do future contests and giveaways in these channels! You will also get updates on my new amigurumi designs, dolls and craft tutorials!

If you haven't already, please check out the NNT shop for other customized dolls, amigurumi patterns, amigurumi dolls, etc! The better the sales are, the more likely I can have giveaways like these! =)

  • If you win, you must be okay with giving me your shipping address so I can ship you the prize. I will not ship to P.O. Boxes. If you are a minor, you need to check with your parents if they are okay with giving your contact information out. It's okay for them to contact me too.
  • I'll ship anywhere. Shipping is free!
  • Winner will be chosen with


PS: I'm really sorry that I can't run this on DA. It's inconvenient to generate the necessary "list" I need to get all the entries.
Friends, Deviants, Lend me your ears! As a self-employed artist, I rely heavily on the commissions that I get. I sincerely appreciate every one who goes out of their way to help me out by spreading the word by mouth, blogging, or sharing any of my artwork. If you're still doing that, I am extremely grateful to you; If you aren't, please do so! It helps me out immensely! Doing artwork is essentially my job.

If you haven't already, you can support me by:

- Buying anything from my Etsy store…
- Periodically checking out Ebay and buying rare auctions -…
- Buy a pattern at Ravelry -…
- Commission me for customized dolls, amigurumi or draw for you -

So... before I actually initiate the giveaway, I'd like to know what people would prefer to have as a prize. I'm an eclectic artist so between customized toys, amigurumi and digital artwork, I'd like to get feedback on which one you guys actually prefer. Please leave your preference in the comment below. If you have other suggestions to make this more fun, I'm all ears!

I'll check back a week from now to see which is the most popular request, followed by the giveaway the following week.

So... what will it be?
For Digital Artwork Commission information and availability, please follow this….

Art commission slot availability is announced through the Deviant Art blog and  will become available again as soon as commission slots have been completed. If you are interested in getting a commission when I am not yet available, you can ask to be put on the Wait List. Being put on the wait list does not guarantee you a commission, it simply lets me know that you are interested in my services, and what you are interested in having me do for you. When I have room in my schedule to take on your commission, I will inform those on the list.

Please leave a comment here if you would like to be added to the wait list. Please add a brief description of the subject and commission type that you are interested in. I will reply to your comment and/or send you a note to inform you that a slot is available for you.
If you'd like a poem composed, stories or anything else written for you, please consider getting a commission from :iconjazeki:. More info about it here:

I personally love her work. You can find samples of her writing here:… or here: Please do pass the info along!

On another note, please let me know if there are any art/doll custom tutorials that you would be interested in seeing from me.
Here are the winners for the Chibi art request raffle!

Chibi Art Request slots:
- Nina10lt
- peachyfangirl
- CuzzaCurry
- geckoSegno
- Jazeki

Please send me a note with what you'd like me to draw! Please include references if you have them. =)

Edit: I'm going to try and get these done this weekend. =3
I try to do art requests whenever I can to show my appreciation. Life has just been a little hectic lately and tons of work!

Just a few quick updates:
Etsy Shop reworked - New banner, lots of new handmade items to see, if you haven't already please stop by and pick something up! Follow this
No Nap Time gets a face lift - The old layout was pretty drab and boring. The new one is still simple, but it's more colorful and festive. Please stop by! I promise I'll blog often. There will be MH customizing tutorials, crochet, amigurumi and free patterns in the near future! This is where I'm usually at when I am *quiet* from DA.
Pony amigurumi commissions - I really enjoyed making Pinky Pie . There was actually a Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy that I made before her. Please let me know if you're interested in these.

For those who follow me for the comics, those are going to be on hiatus for a while.

Now, for the part you've all been waiting for. To shake things up a bit, this round's art request freebies will be a raffle. To qualify, simply leave a comment to enter. Five lucky folks will get a slot for a colored chibi art request.

- Final list of participants on 7/2/2012 (midnight)
- Those who got a slot will be announced 7/2/2012 (sometime during the day)

Here are the winners for the Chibi art request raffle!

Chibi Art Request slots:
- Nina10lt
- peachyfangirl
- CuzzaCurry
- geckoSegno
- Jazeki

Please send me a note with what you'd like me to draw! Please include references if you have them. =)
Yep, it's that time of the month but in order to gain a request slot, we're going to play Pictionary.

1 - Go here to get your Random word. Make sure you use the "All Pictionary words" category -…
2 - Use DA Muro to draw it for folks to guess.
3 - Confirm who got the right answer to close the comment thread.
4 - Person who got the answer right gains a request slot, go back to step 1!

Be sure to refresh the page to make sure that the thread or comments you are looking at are up to date.

Five slots are available this month, first person to comment will start the game and automatically gains a request slot. If you gain a request slot, give me the following information:

Character: (limited to one)
One word description:
More information about the character:

I won't be able to work on the requests until tomorrow, have fun!

Request slots
1. :iconpunkette180:
2. :icongeckosegno:
3. :icononlyra:
4. :iconkabocha:
5. :iconjazeki:

If you won a slot and have not told me what your art request is, please send me a note!
Beginning last year, my source of income primarily came from doing arts and crafts with No Nap Time and random art commissions. The few that came with comics helped a lot too. Unfortunately, costs are getting higher overall for materials and living expenses. This is why I'm very grateful to my patrons and everyone who supports me any way they can (word of mouth, recommendation, exposure, etc).

To keep up with life expenses and keeping my commission fees low, I got a part time job. This will result in a slower turn around time when I work on any commissions. Please bear this in mind since I know a lot of folks are used to my fast turn around.

Please do continue with the word of mouth and telling your friends about my work. Please buy/share the comics if you haven't yet, commission an amigurumi or commission a doll!

If you weren't aware of it yet, you can also help by following me on tumblr and reblogging (, Like No Nap Time on Facebook (, Buy the comic (…), buying stuff from my Etsy store(, or just commission me.

A good few of you are already aware that I'm somewhat a Jack-of-all-trades so don't hesitate to ask me for a commission on any art related craft (miniatures, polymer clay, repainting other types of dolls, etc). If you have any amigurumi ideas you would like me to develop a pattern on, please let me know. I may open up digital drawing commissions occasionally so watch out for those updates.

My goal is to rely entirely on art and craft commissions so I can focus on drawing. The support helps make it possible for me to create comics and/or those amigurumi and dolls.

Again, my sincere gratitude goes out to all the watchers, fans and patrons!
It's that time of the month! It's art request time! Before you turn in  your requests, please read the rules:

1) Art requests will be done in sketches or lineart.
2) One character only, no backgrounds.
3) Give me a one word description you would like for your request.
4) Detailed description of who your character is and some reference images.
5) Ask a riddle. The next to comment has to get the riddle right in order to gain a request slot. If they get your riddle wrong, they don't get a slot. (Burden is on whomever is first to comment. =3)

First to comment and the next 4 folks to get the riddles right get an art request. Once the slots are filled in, you'll need to wait for next month. No reserves. Go!

1. :iconkabocha:
2. :iconayanyu:
3. :icongreybluegirl:
4. :iconslyboyseth:
5. :iconjazeki:

Slots are filled! We'll do this again next time!
This is the most common inquiry I get and I'm honestly frustrated because the shipping rates discourage or scare a lot of folks from purchasing items from me. I would like to get advice or guidance on how to keep international shipping costs as low as possible with the guarantee that it will get there.Fortunately, I have never had the experience of having a package lost.

There are a lot of privately owned post offices in my area which closed recently which I preferred to use. Coupled with a recent massive layoff by the US Post in general shipping anything internationally, especially anything that's destined outside of the Americas, is expensive.

My postmaster explained that all packages are shipped via airmail now. The "slow down" happens when the package makes it to the destination country. This is where it gets all hazy and you cross your fingers that it makes it where it's supposed to go safe and sound. Tracking seems like a scam to me since in this same process, everything gets a customs number which is scanned when an item "ships out." The same item when it arrives to its destination is scanned again but you pay extra for the priviledge of knowing the new tracking number that its assigned with at its destination.

These are the shipping options that I'm currently limited to:

1) $5-15 airmail/slow mail. 2-3 Months If it's airmail, why does it really take that long? Do they deliberately hold packages in the post office when it makes it to its destination country?

2) Priority $30-50. 2-4 weeks. Regardless of what you ship, the price is  static, restricted to how large/heavy the item is and if it fits in the standard box. I don't know if the post is holding back on me on this since I have had international folks contact me and report that when they've chosen this option with other sellers they got a lower quote that I am giving. The price quotes I give are based off the USPS website.

3) Fedex $50-70. 2-3 weeks. This is where the price starts getting ridiculously higher but I am at least given the guarantee that it gets there.

Anything past the three options goes on the $100+ level which ends up being more expensive than what I'm shipping and is unreasonable even to me.

Shipping is an especially difficult issue when it comes to shipping out Monster High dolls. I don't really worry much with Amigurumi since the weight and virtue of being plush makes them almost indestructable which gives me even more flexibility on how they are shipped.

I don't make any money on shipping. Most of the time, I pay custom fees when I send packages out and just bite the bullet without ever mentioning it to my customers. I really can't afford to do that all the time, every time.


P.S. I'm going to do away with Monthly commission slots. If you'd like to commission me, please send me a note or email and just reserve a slot. I will complete the commissions in a first come, first serve basis. They'll be finish based on your place in the queue.
First off, much love and thanks to all the people who commission me. I'm extremely grateful! =3 I hope you continue to do so since I love and enjoy the challenges they pose for me.

March commissions are open for both Amigurumi and Monster High repaints. I can take you up for amigurumi if you don't mind being on a wait list. I'm taking on 10 Monster High slots this month if anyone is interested. For more information, just follow this

You can check out my progress by visiting this Bookmark it and check it periodically. Please send me a note or an email with what you would like to commission me with and the number of dolls. You will earn a slot once I accept your commission.

Art requests for March are also available. 5 slots are open for grabs for the first 5 people to comment here. Be sure to let me know the details or if you have any preferences. If you don't make it, there is no wait list. It's unfair to other people. I occasionally make art requests slots available when I have free time so be sure to watch me so you can get updates if you really want one.

March Art Requests

1. :iconlightningthefox:
2. :iconjayswen93:
3. :iconaisazia:
4. :iconrayo-elgatubelo:
5. :iconbistraja:
Getting help for a lot of open source art programs is pretty difficult since they're scattered on the internet or you only get partial information if you manage to find them. Here's a list of resources that I use that should be pretty easy to follow even for beginners.

These links only apply to Ubuntu 11.10:

Gimp-Painter -…
Gimp-Painter installation -…

MyPaint+GIT -…

Krita -
Krita is my newest favorite drawing application because results are comparable to Corel Painter. It's relatively new and still undergoing a lot of development but one of the reasons why I'm looking forward to Krita is the addition of comic book templates within the program. This can be an alternative for Manga Studio for anyone looking for an Open Source solution.

Xara Xtreme -
This is a vector program that has a simpler interface compared to Inkscape. It also has a different method of creating vector effects that can sometimes be more intuitive compared to Inkscape.

If you're looking for help regarding Ubuntu 10 using Gimp/Gimp-Painter/Gimp Paint Studio, follow this

This list will be updated whenever possible so keep it bookmarked! Please leave a comment if you have any other helpful links or material to share.
I'm not confident offering art commissions so I am offering to do art requests for donations instead. Every month, I'll announce available slots for art requests. If you like the art I made for you, just send me a donation through PayPal. Donations help and support independent artists like me. =3

Amigurumi commissions are on hold until I complete a rather large order. Availability will be announced once I'm done with this. Please check my website ( for more information as prices will also go up due to material cost.

I'm also open for Monster High customs for those interested. I can now ship internationally though please discuss where you're from and how you want it shipped to you. My Etsy store has also reopened where you'll find some dolls from my personal collection that I'm willing to part with... So I can go get those elusive dolls!

If you're interested in art request, please leave a comment below with what you want. Your request will be completed in the order they were received.

The following people already have a slot reserved for them:

Art request:
1) :icondarkdragon247: - OC Shadow/KaGe. I need more details and some references.
2) :iconsplashtheswallow2:
3) :iconcharmingnightmare: - Gothel
4) :iconlamatalis:
5) :iconyukoisbadmedicine: - OC Kotori

Amigurumi Commission
~ Reserved for :iconmarynna-chan: ~

Monster High
1)  :iconcharmingnightmare: - Gothel
2) gothikgrrl - MH werewolf
3) :iconpeachyfangirl:
4) Free
5) Free